2,461,669 tracks in 183,611 albums by 53,847 artists from $0.15* per song, $1.99* per album.

How can I pay? How do I add money to my balance?

You need to register to be able to add to your personal balance at Alltunes.com. After logging in you can choose a payment method in the Balance section

Press the "Purchase pin-code" button and add money to your balance. In order to do that simply choose "Pay by card" as your payment method, enter the payment sum and details of your card. The money will be at your Alltunes.com balance with minimal delay necessary to process the transaction.

How much does it cost to download music from Alltunes.com?

The price of the files that you download Alltunes.com in is determined by their quality that is by the file size and type. The exact price is shown to you at the moment you order the tracks.

You will NOT be charged for either previewing tracks in a low quality version or for the encoding process.

The minimum payment is $10 US

Are there any restrictions for credit card use?

We do not accept Maestro/Cirrus cards.

How secure is the money transaction?

All data that you submit goes directly to the ChronoPay automatic internet payment system. The transaction is secured by the SSL 3.0 system and is encrypted from third parties.

Please use only your own cards.

In case of fraudulent transactions the payment processing systems reserve the right to initiate legal prosecution.

Credit card refund policy

If for some reason the site is unable to provide you the service, you will be refunded the remainder of your balance within 7 business days after you apply for such refund.

e-mail: info@alltunes.com

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